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I'm Ruining The Ending of Duplex. [Oct. 2nd, 2003|11:59 pm]
If someone wishes to go see the movie Duplex, with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore, and you are not a writer, nor are you interested in films besides the obvious draw, which is to laugh and be lost in a film for 2 hours . . .

Never see Duplex.


If you give money to see Duplex, I will travel to your house and stare at you for hours, while you try to explain to me why you didn't trust me.

The ending, which is the revelation that the old lady, the real estate agent, and the policeman, are all in cahoots. Oh, and the agent and policeman are merely fronts, and the two are gay lovers. This was the last scene of the film.

They had the camera strapped to Stiller and Barrymore, and they were the least interesting people in the film.

Bit parts, like the cop and the agent, were never developed.

That those involved with Duplex chose not to reveal the con artist angle in the beginning of the film, they screwed themselves out of 200 million dollars.

Everyone loves to hate an old person who is a mean old bastard. That is what she finally was revealed to be. That was the principal missing piece that Stiller and Barrymore openly wondered about the entire film.

If you put this at the beginning, the revelation makes the film infinitely more interesting, and suddenly the film becomes a National Lampoon's Vacation feel . . . the two poor idiots who suffer the whims of a mean old bitch, all for the desire to have a nice home in Brooklyn.

However, we have in reality two young hipsters who happen to like a house in Brooklyn, who spend minutes of film time decorating the house, for that purpose alone and no other one. Suddenly, they witness the sweet old tenant become increasingly intolerable, and they continue to stumble upon bad fortune, painfully horrible bad fortune, at every turn of the film, progressing and worsening as the movie unfolds.

The moral of Duplex? Young hipster married people are complete idiots, and they generally deserve every screw job they get, every burn, scratch, and fortune lost, just because old people suddenly turn out to be mean con artists.

My friend Jim was the first one to come up with the idea that the revelation should have been at the beginning. Kudos to him.

For everyone else, I dunno what to say. I'm trying to warn you not to see this film, even though it has its funny moments, like the scene where they play heartwarming background music when Stiller and Barrymoore, over drinks, self-reveal that they have been turned evil, and they want to kill her.

The scene is still ridiculous as-is-cut-and-edited, and the characters they displayed for Stiller and Barrymore have no basis to suddenly want to kill her. They never found out they were conned, EVER, in the film. Their generally unassuming, idiot selves would never have basis to suddenly turn stupidly dark and want to off the old bag.

I love you all. Please, unless you want to write or are a writer, never see this film as anything but a study in how bad ideas look in film.

[User Picture]From: mostlie_sunnie
2003-10-03 04:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the National Lampoon Vacation movies just make me cringe!! Actually, those are the exact movies I use as an example when I'm trying to explain this aversion of mine. There are funny parts, but mostly, it doesn't make me laugh. I had previously read a review for Duplex, and I already guessed it would be the kind of movie I hate. I barely enjoyed Meet the Parents. That particular brand of humor just doesn't do it for me, I guess.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2003-10-03 04:53 pm (UTC)

It has to have a basis for why they're suffering.

If it's because the guy is a true idiot, then, fine.

This one didn't even fit, characterwise.

I never totally believed Stiller was as dumb as to be snared by that old bag. He conveniently became dumb and then evil, for literally no plausible reason.

It doesn't have to be probable, as it is fiction, but plausible, yes, it does.

And all those fruitynuts out there who keep giving it 2 stars are afraid of telling Stiller he really screwed up big time with this film. It has to be his worst appearance, ever, in anything.
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