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Preparation for California. [Nov. 26th, 2003|07:25 pm]
[In the Moment |weirdweird]
[Special Music |I-F - Mixed up in the Hague 2]

After living in the same home for 26 out of 26 years, I realized that this stuff that I leave behind will probably be in the house years from now, when a wrecking ball takes final care.

Now my hair's shorter again . . . it was almost shoulder-length, since my last haircut was in April. I don't particuarly care if I don't shave for a month, and I just let my hair go all wildebeest. The barber, scratch that, hair stylist at the salon, she did a pretty good job, considering she was cutting hair from morning until night.

I've been waking at 8 AM and sleeping at midnight . . . suddenly, I'm back on normal schedule.

Could it be that the velocity of Chris is on a positive curve?

Better late than never, I'd say.

God, I love music that is electronic with robotic voices and non-human overtones. Dubs. I love samples.