Sauce1977 (sauce1977) wrote,

Austin Powers: Goldmember: Leadmember.




I can't barely stand watching it. I'm writing it as they zapped back into 2002.

They did an Infini-film on this piece of garbage?

Mike Myers, man, you suck in this film. People bash Keanu, but this just sucks.

The hard-knock Mini-Me scene. What the hell is wrong with you? This isn't even close to the genius of Weird Al Yankovic.

Did I say you suck, Myers? You suckity suck suck suck. What's worse is that this is blatantly trying to jump under the R-rated gun because so many kids find this shit hilarious.

Yet, they are hamstrung by their very rating.

Yet, nothing is as unforgiveable as the horrible dialogue.

This couldn't wipe the shoes of the genius of Brooks.

It's so much in the style of a Brooks film, but it fails at every turn with regularity.

Explaining to the henchman that he wouldn't stand a chance, so he should just lie down and get out of the way?

Is that funny? That's pathetic.

Target markets to kids on adult themes is pretty wrong.

This reeks of pandering to the youth.

I would have loved this film in 8th grade, but it is beside the point.

The first two films were worth watching. They stayed within the realm of enough fine moments to make the films popular, and also, it made Mike Myers rather worthwhile in the film business.

Sorry, folks, just . . . it's amazing that the very next movie I pop in the DVD player . . . going from Young Frankenstein to this polar end of the spectrum in the Austin Powers 3rd film . . . it's bizarre. Such range . . . at least Young Frankenstein was really good.

Come on, Mike. I liked So I Married an Axe Murderer . . . and the first two Austin Powers films are interesting.

View from the Top featured you with a really good bit part as the flight attendant instructor.

I'm afraid to watch Cat in the Hat . . . if it's that bad, then I may just have to refer people to the real Mike Myers:

The Real Mike Myers.

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