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Our Largest Blindness Can Be Vision of Self.

I'm slowly digesting a new dish that is quick and easy to make. It requires little preparation, and if you have a metabolism like mine, a pot of it goes rather quickly.

1 package tofu (generally firm or extra firm)
1 can of pink salmon (I'm using Kirkland brand from CostCo)
1 can of peeled, diced tomato (Again, Kirkland, CostCo)
5-6 splashes of Tobasco sauce (McIlhenny, my only splurge)
5-6 dashes of garlic powder (Kroger brand, found at Ralph's)

Basically, you can use all the juices from the package/cans with the contents, or if that's not enough or whatever, put a lil' more water in it. I cut the tofu block into lil' rectangles, and I separate the canned salmon a bit so that it's not all one big glob of salmon in the pot.

What happens in about 5-10 minutes on the stove burner is a warming of the contents into a rather soup-tastic base. The tofu absorbs the flavor of the tomato and salmon. The salmon gives it an extra protein-enzyme kick, and hot damn, is it ever good, at least to my taste buds.

The stuff for this, the prep time, and the end result takes place at a leisurely pace in under 1/2 of an hour. Not bad, especially if you really don't feel like screwing around with cleaning grills, worrying if the food is cooked enough, and all that jazz.

Plus, it's probably what people would consider "healthy" . . . though I smoke, so I really don't operate with that as the primary motivator.

Note: Heidi, my love, does not like any of these ingredients. She does not like them one bit. I find it amusing, but in all relationships, there are things that one likes and the other does not. :D
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