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Professional Tour Guide. [Jun. 24th, 2004|11:22 pm]
[In the Moment |tiredtired]

Last night, we did Pink's for my cousin Michelle and my mom.

Tonight, Michelle and I scored the Jimmy Kimmel show.

For all you folks out there, if you caught a glimpse, I was the wide-eared grinning dork in a faded-blue collared dress shirt in the middle of the audience.

They had Ben Stein and one of the women from "The Daily Show" because Steve Garvey, an old-time Dodger hero of Jimmy's . . . well, he was puking on the phone call.

Jadakiss did "Why" in a Ronnie Reagan t-shirt.

We also did Santa Monica earlier in the day . . . feet wet in the Pacific Ocean.

I'm rounding out all the stops.

Now, if I could get 15 dollars an hour, I'd put in 12 hour days as a personal acquaintance/guide.

You do the math . . . that works out some mighty fine numbers.

[User Picture]From: fruitpunch76
2004-06-25 10:07 am (UTC)
I wasn't awoken by your pleasantness last night :o(

That's ok...I managed to wake up to find I hadn't set my alarm....at 6:06 a.m.!!!! I rushed to get ready and still made it to work on time. Yay.

I will be missing Bible study on Monday...have to be here on Tuesday at 6:30a.m. for a Code of Conduct meeting...hmmmmm

I'm ultra cranky today. Everything is bugging the hell out of me. PMS kicked in.....grrrr.

Today a stupid truck was blocking my car and 2 or 3 others when I went to lunch...and the dumbass was no where to be found. I wouldn't even look at him when he finally came out to move the car.

Alright...rant is done.

Love you...hope Disney was fun.
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[User Picture]From: sauce1977
2004-06-26 10:40 am (UTC)
Yes, cranky days suck.

I did have fun at Disney!
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