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Olympic Futures. [Aug. 22nd, 2004|03:24 pm]

I'm sitting here, watching McPeak and Youngs compete for the United States in the 2004 Athens Olympics womens beach volleyball, and I'm wondering about the future of the Olympic games.

As always, humanity from across the globe seems to have a level playing field. What's interesting about the games is the ability for professionals to compete. After all, if the East German womens swimming teams from the 1980s and the CCCP hockey teams featured amazing and professional talent, it's only fair for the Mike Jordan Olympic appearance, and so on, and so forth.

For the future, I'd like to see more events included in the summer and winter games.

For instance, I sat there, watching a pathetic air-gun shooting contest back a few days. The only pathetic part of that competition was the air-gun as the weapon . . . however, they should have sniper rifles and sniper competitions from various yardage, with wind, out in the open, in winter and summer events.

One could include the X-Games into the winter and summer events. What I'd also like to see, with the inclusion of table tennis and the like . . . I'd like to see competitions for darts, poker, and chess, if they're already not included. Even though they would not be highly-regarded events . . . well, maybe poker might escalate into a legendary status in the Olympics . . . what would make these sports special . . . the ability for any age to compete at the event.

In fact, they should have age groups compete as well as the overall competition. Make the ranges wide for the more athletic events . . . 14-18, 19-39, and 40-65, and 66 and over . . . not for all events, but for some. I'd like to see more ability for elders to compete in the games. It's not a crazy thought, since golf, of all sports in the professional realm, they have the 'senior' tour.

As many events as one can include, this would be the ideal. The best part would feature the ability for poorer nations to compete with more ease, since it doesn't take much to train for events like darts and chess.