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Thefted Begonias Update. - Sauce1977 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thefted Begonias Update. [Jul. 7th, 2003|10:24 pm]
According to my next door neighbor, the local police have arrested individuals associated with thefts of the plants missing from my front porch and my neighbor's. The begonias have not been returned. A constable should arrive on Wednesday with the news associated with the arrest, and he probably would like to chat with my mom and I too.

My imagination is left to wander upon this. Surely the people involved with the theft would not have merely lifted just our plants. Would they not be arrested for more than just our plants?

How would the police find such theefs?

Apparently, the theft occurred (I can never be sure of the spelling of occur) around 4PM on July 3rd, last Thursday. I was not home until 8PM that day, so the theft may have actually occurred (ugh) around the time my mom was home. This is strange, indeed.

I understand that the United States economy and the resulting world economy does not progress any stitch near well at the moment, however, I'm confused as to why people rely on crime when times become rough. I've had the roughest year of my life, and there has been no inclination to commit crimes.

Then again, I have a strong sense of morals and ethics. I also see the other person and the difficulty they have when something they need or own is missing, or something negative has happened to them. I see their troubled face, I understand their resulting down moods, and I'm not a fan of such personal, robbing, deflating actions.

In other news, I still have issues with sleep. I keep hoping that the issue will resolve itself. If, by summer's end, I still struggle, this would be the point where it has progressed too far with regards to no result.