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sauce1977's Journal

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All in all is all we are.

All the Heavenly Glory.

ac/dc, adult., airplane!, akira kurosawa, alan trammell, alfred hitchcock, amazing stories, andy warhol, arrested development, arthur c. clarke, artificial intelligence, atari, blackjack, blue man group, blue öyster cult, boards of canada, bret easton ellis, bruce lee, business, carl craig, cats, cemeteries, choose your own adventure, christopher nolan, christopher walken, coffee, comedy, criminology, david fincher, david lynch, denzel washington, derrick may, detroit pistons, detroit techno, devo, diego rivera, digital underground, dj t-1000, douglas adams, dr. dre, ed wood, edgar allan poe, ellen allien, eminem, euchre, fight club, flatulence, foo fighters, fraggle rock, franz kafka, full metal jacket, george romero, grey area, history, hunter s. thompson, i-f, innocence, j dilla, j.d. salinger, jerry seinfeld, jim jarmusch, jimi hendrix, john fitzgerald kennedy, johnny depp, juan atkins, kevin saunderson, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut, larry david, m.c. escher, madlib, malapropisms, marketing, martin luther king, martin scorsese, memento, mf doom, miami vice, movies, music, n.w.a, naïveté, nfl, night of the lepus, night skies, nine inch nails, nirvana, oliver stone, opportunity cost, orson welles, paradoxes, paranormal, philip k. dick, planet of the apes, poker, raccoons, robocop, rod serling, roscoes chicken and waffles, sam raimi, shaft, sidney lumet, sim city, sour cream, sourpatch kids, space exploration, spike jonze, sports, stanley kubrick, star wars, stephen king, stereolab, steven wright, surviving the game, sushi, taxi driver, terror, terry gilliam, the a-team, the black hole, the cure, the stooges, the twilight zone, time travel, tom petty, tron, unsolved mysteries, video games, vincent price, vincent van gogh, wes anderson, william gibson, william goldman, william s. burroughs, winnie the pooh, world domination, x-box, x-box 360, your mother, zardoz

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